industrial asset management

We can provide scheduled, preventative maintenance and reactive maintenance for unexpected issues and 24-hour service calls for operations with critical service needs. 


Access to your site is no problem. We’ve got a fleet of vehicles designed to access remote sites. Our licenced pilot and aircraft also makes for easy site entry in remote areas.

Norgroup understands the importance of minimising downtime as part of any operation and can provide planning, coordination and works to get you back

on line in the fastest time possible.


We have a wealth of experience in design, construction and maintenance from minor commercial right through to heavy industrial facilities.


We’re skilled in PLC, SCADA telemetry, engineering and we construct electrical components for a range of industrial applications.


» Main control boards housing

» Control logic systems and motor drives

» Cable installation, terminate and commission MCC’s, motors and field devices


» Carry out periodic testing

» Motor integrity testing

Generator inspections, oil changes and compliance tests

» 24/7 on call services


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» Construction and maintenance of industrial facilities.


» Design and construction of water treatment plants.

» Processing breakdowns and repairs.

» Distribution and control board inspections and reporting.

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» Town sewer systems and water treatment plants including sewer pump stations, main pumphouses and sewerage works.


» Crocodile farms and other specialist agriculture and aquaculture facilities including water and sewerage treatment control, back-up generators, bores and pumps. 


» Processing facilities including the coordination of LV HV Power Water compatibility and operational maintenance.


» High-rise commercial and residentialproviding regular and reactive electrical maintenance to commercial and residential buildings. 

the asset lifecycle

We manage your industrial assets to ensure a pro-longed, efficiency-driven life for your investments. We aim to have a positive impact on your companies bottom line by minimising downtime of your mechanical and electrical assets.


Align industrial asset management plan to your annual maintenance budget.


Negotiate agreements to maximise value of your asset management.

deploy and manage

Deploy processes to ensure standardised, committed return on investment and to enhance productivity and satisfaction. 


Provide for orderly disposition of assets in line with agreed asset management process.